Used and New Robot Spare Parts :

We have an extensive stock of Industrial Robot spare parts of all major brands such as ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Nachi, Kuka, Kawasaki and various others.
At Robo Sapiens, expert technicians are available for fast, reliable and least expensive repair of Robot spare parts.
We have a great range of Robot spare parts tested on the shelf and ready to ship. We source parts via our extensive contacts throughout the Robot world. This implies that we supply to our customers the spares that are difficult to find and those which are not being manufactured / supported by original manufacturer. Our experienced engineers can also suggest viable alternatives to our customers as per their Automation needs.

Robot Spares Parts Repairing :

At Robo Sapiens Automation, we have a experienced dedicated staff of specialized technicians who repair servo motors, teach pendants, servo amplifiers and most other robot components. Our repairs are fast and are among the least expensive in the industry.

Some of the names of spares mentioned below -

Fanuc Robot Spares -

Fanuc Robot Servo Amplifier
Fanuc Robot Teach Pendent
Fanuc Robot Poser Supply units
Fanuc Robot Main Board
Fanuc Robot CPU Unit
Fanuc Robot Panel Board
Fanuc Robot Emergency Unit
Fanuc Robot Wrist
Fanuc Robot Screen
Fanuc Robot Gear Box
Fanuc Robot Reducers
Fanuc Robot Cable Looms
Fanuc Robot Servo Motors
Fanuc Robot Connectors
Fanuc Robot Pulse Coder
Fanuc Robot Digital input output Cards
Fanuc Robot Profibus card
Fanuc Robot Industrial Robot Arm
Fanuc Controller

ABB Robot Spares -

ABB Robot Teach Pendent
ABB Robot Power Supply
ABB Robot Drive
ABB Robot Main CPU
ABB Robot Contactor
ABB Robot Contactor Interface Board
ABB Robot Motor
ABB Robot Connectors
ABB Robot Pulse Coder
ABB Robot Reducers
ABB Robot Wrist
ABB Robot Gearbox
ABB Robot Digital input output Cards
ABB Robot Profibus card
ABB Robot Industrial Robot Arm
ABB Controller
ABB Robot Screen
Robot Batteries

We also have spares for Kuka Robots, Motoman Robots, etc.

Please contact us for your spares requirement