Want to sell your Used Robots?
We will be happy to buy your used robots for our inventory.
We are interested in buying spare parts, entire robots or a complete production line.
We buy used Robots from India and abroad.
Please contact us and our engineer will visit your premises to give you the best price!



Is Robo Sapiens Automation interested in buying old used Robots?

Robo Sapiens Automation is always looking for quality used robots to purchase for refurbishment purposes. Do you have an industrial robot you no longer need? Robo Sapiens Automation is willing buy your used robotic equipment!

How Does Robo Sapiens Automation Evaluate my Robot?

A robot evaluation is an important step in determining the value of a used robot. Once you contact Robo Sapiens Automation for selling a robot, we will send our engineer to your place for evaluation and based on that we will bid the best possible value for your used robot. There are absolutely no charges on customers for robot evaluation.

The robot is evaluated based on the condition of the robot manipulator and the control cabinet.

Robot Assessment Points:
1.General functionality - Presently in Working Condition or not
2.Presence and condition of all motors and encoders
3.Completeness of the internal wire harness
4.Condition of the cannon connectors on the back of the arm
5.Availability and condition of the teach pendant
6.Status of the servo amps
7.Presence of all circuit boards
8.Physical condition of the cables that connect control cabinet to the manipulator
9.Completeness of the wire harnesses
10.If any auxiliary equipment is available (positioners, risers, welding equipments etc.)

A robot's value is increased when it includes:
1.Functioning teach pendant with no damage
2.Full set of servo amps
3.All circuit boards in the controller
4.Intact cables
5.Complete wiring harnesses

Items that reduce the value of a used robot include:
1.Missing or damaged motors and encoders
2.Incomplete wire harness
3.Missing covers from the robot arm
4.Cannon connections cracked or broken
The final value of the robot is determined, in large part, by these items. We will provide a bid on a used robot based on these factors after our evaluation.

What about the payment terms ?

After evaluation of robot, Robo Sapines Automation will give the best possible price for your robot.The price will be Ex. Work price at your premises. If you agree on the given price, then we transfer the amount i.e. 100% advance before lifting robot from your premises.

What about transportion arrangement and its cost ?

The responsibility and cost of transporation of the Robots from customers’site to Robo Sapiens Automation plant lies with Robo Sapiens Automation. We have dedicated transport arrangement to lift robots from any corner of World. Robo Sapiens Automation will bear all the cost of transportation of robot.