Industrial Robotic Automation

What is a refurbished used robot?

A refurbished used robot is a machine with a past. It has been previously used by another company. However, a used robot can easily be restored after refurbishment with specialized in-depth knowledge about robots. When properly refurbished, a used robot's life is extended to a comparable lifespan of a new robot.

During Refurbishment process, used robots should undergo thorough inspections and properly cleaned, worn or faulty parts replaced, grease replaced, wiring and cables checked, and finally should be rigorously tested before dispatch. Each and every refurbished robot, undergoes minimum 10,000 hrs of actual shop floor testing before it is dispatched. During this testing period, all the technical parameters of robots are checked and matched with the specifications given by original equipment manufacturer.

What are the advantages to purchase Refurbished Used Robots? Or simply put How much money can you save?

Customers can save 30-70% of money compare to new robot when choosing a refurbished robot option. This can mean a lot for a smaller company that do not get the benefit of large volume discounts. They can buy a refurbished robotic system at a fraction of the cost of buying new and remain competitive in their market. As far as quality is concerned Robo Sapiens sells high quality robots with warranty only

What all types of refurbished robots available for sale ?

Robo Sapiens Automation has wide range of refurbished Robots for sell. The available robots are from all the major brands like Fanuc, Kuka, ABB, Panasonic, Motoman, Universal Robots, etc. The robots types vary from 2 kg payload to even 1000kg payload robots. Some of the available robots are already enlisted at websites for ready reference.

Weather the refurbished Robots comes with warranty?

Robo Sapiens Automation sells all refurbished robots with warranty. The standard warranty ranges from minimum 3 months to 1 year depending upon the product that you purchase. We also offer extended warranty on products and Annual Maintenance Contracts for the robots.

What about the after sale service like spare part support and maintenance services?

Robo Sapience Automation provides all the spare part support to existing and also to new customers. We deal in both cost effective used spare parts and also new spare parts. We have extensive stock of all spare parts like Teach pendent, servo amplifier, drives, cables, cable looms, connectors, grippers, etc. We provide both services i.e. speed posting of spares from our factory or as per demands of the customers,our engineers deliver and fix the spares on-site too.

At Robo Sapiens, we believe in providing the best solutions to customer’s needs at most affordable cost. Many time rather than replacement of spare part, we suggest customer to go for spare part repairing. At Robo Sapiens Automation, we maintain a dedicated staff of specialized technicians who repair servo motors, teach pendants, servo amplifiers and most other robot components. Our repairs are fast and are among the least expensive in the industry.

Does Robo Sapiens Automation refurbish Robotic Systems themself ? What do you mean by refurbishment of used robots ?

Robo Sapiens Automation specializes and has an in-house capacity for completely refurbishment of used robot systems. Out team is having experience of more than 20 yrs in the field of Robot repairing and refurbishment.

We purchase used robots in bulk and refurbish them through our specialized process as follows :

Comprehensive Inspection - We have a thorough checklist that reports the health and quality of the entire robot system. These also include detailed analysis of past usage of robots, maintainance history and study of past error logs.

Replacement - Robo Sapiens Automation replaces any faulty part/equipment.

Testing - Each system is fully tested for repeatability of entire system and reliability of each individual part.

Painting - Robo Sapiens Automation uses a special cleaning and painting process that preserves the integrity of all robotic parts.

Lubrication - New grease and lubrications as per the original manufacturer standards are applied for smooth running of gears and axes.

From where Robo Sapiens Automation buys Used Robots for Refurbishment ?

We buys only working robot systems, those maintained at high performance levels and operated in clean factory and manufacturing environments, where there is mechanical part upkeep to avoid wear and tear. We at Robo Sapiens Automation, purchase the used robots only from renowned multinational companies across the globe such as Renault, Nokia, Honda, General Motors, etc. These company generally sell out the working robots from old production lines. We buy the used robots only after details physical inspections. We only buy those used robots which are in working conditions.

The entire process is essential for us, as we have to sell these used purchased robots back to our customers after refurbishment with quality assurance and warranty.

How Is Robosapiens Automation Different From Other Robot Companies -

Customers choose Robo Sapiens Automation because of our dedication to top quality products and customized systems.

Robo Sapiens Advantage:

Experience - We have over 12 years integrating robotic systems of various applications throughout India. This valuable knowledge helps the selection and integration process go smoother than other robotic integrator companies.

Refurbishment - Robo Sapiens Automation takes refurbishment and reconditioning to the next level. Not only do we clean and repaint every refurbished robotic system, but we also perform a complete overhaul - tuning and replacing every faulty part. Unlike other robot companies, we test every system for repeatability and provide a Comprehensive Reconditioning and Inspection Report.

Warranty - Robo Sapiens Automation all refurbished robots come with warranty. The warranty period differ from 3 months to even 1 year. There are also extended warranty options available on used refurbished robots.

Spare part Support - Robo Sapines Automation commitment to customer support extends beyond sales. Our expert robotic technicians are at hand to assist with any repair or replacement need. We have extensive stock of robot spares to cater to any need of our customers.

Service and Support - Robo Sapines Automation commitment to customer support extends beyond sales. Our expert robotic technicians are available to assist with any repair or replacement need. Every system comes with free training hours at our facility, a warranty and phone support.

Integration - Robo Sapiens Automation is fully capable of providing customized, engineered integrated end to end solutions. At Robo Sapiens automation, we are capable of providing all auxillary equipment along with robots like fixture, welding machines, gripper system, conveyors to give complete solution to our customer's needs.

In short, Robo Sapiens Automation is the one stop shop for all customers needs for top quality products and customized solutions.